I am a PhD candidate at the Large-Scale Data & Systems Group from the Imperial College London under the supervision of Peter Pietzuch. My research interests cover systems, security, containers, and virtualization.

I am also doing research for the Complex Systems Group of the Institut d’Informatique of the Université de Neuchâtel (IIUN) and for the Computer Architecture Department of the Technical University of Catalonia.

About Me

My main research interests lie in the broad area of systems, security, and networking, with a strong mathematical foundation. I am also highly interested in formal methods, verification and synthesis.

As a researcher at the IIUN, and under the supervision of Valerio Schiavoni, I am actively doing research with Trusted Execution Environments, namely Intel SGX and Arm TrustZone, and working on network emulation tools with the Angainor Project.

For my MSc thesis, and with a grant of the Department of Computer Architecture, I am working on live migration of distributed container deployments using checkpoint/restore. You can follow the development of the project in the Github repo.


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Work Experience

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